Factsheet on Mercury



researched and prepared

by Simon Rees





 So just what are the facts?


"Fillings contain about three-quarters of a gram of mercury..... a person with 8 fillings has the equivalent of 6 grams of mercury in his body, a concentration that would shut down a school chemistry lab or bring a toxic clean up crew to a lake." (Charles Brown, L.A. Times)




1.    Over 60,000 quality peer-reviewed clinical studies¹ lend credence to the conclusions of a report sponsored by the World Health Organisation and United Nations (Environmental Health Criteria 118)² which concluded that the use of mercury in amalgam “silver” fillings is hazardous both to human health and the environment and that ‘dental mercury fillings constitute the main mercury exposure risk to humans, exceeding food, air and water sources combined.’ The specific figures furnished were fish and seafood sources as 2.3mcg a day on average, other food 0.3mcg, and fillings a whopping 3 to 17mcg. (Other studies show up to 29mcg). The U.S. Public Health Service has also stated that amalgam fillings, not fish or industry, are the biggest source of mercury exposure and pollution.


2.    The aforementioned studies¹ are backing large litigation suits³ gathering pace in California, Maryland, Washington, Canada and elsewhere, suing organisations like the American Dental Association (ADA) for misinformation. Echoes of the tobacco industry fiasco are increasingly being noted. Many places such as Canada, California, Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire have enforced health warnings and/or advised against or completely banned use of amalgam in children and pregnant women. Many states are discussing similar proposed laws to do this and more, including New York, Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, Nebraska, New Jersey, Oregon and Arizona. Both The Test Foundation¹ and DAMS¹ have painstakingly collated many of the scientific studies for easy online perusal and reference. A former DAMS president is now president of ‘Consumers for Dental Choice,’ which is at the forefront of the legal action.


3.    Some progressive governments have either totally or partially forbidden the placement of mercury in people’s mouths, and are currently phasing it out altogether or have stated their desire to do so (e.g. California, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Austria) – which is pretty worrying for the rest of us! The Swedish Parliament voted for a ban on amalgam as far back as 1994, and in Nov 2003 a new government report incorporating the views of dental associations and dental schools conclusively called for amalgam to be quickly phased out. Sweden is still trying to bring this about by working to convince the EU, however, which still will not permit such a ban under the 1998 Medical Devices Directive. Norway, in a similar situation, officially issued a clear warning in March 2003 to all Norwegian dentists strongly discouraging all use of amalgam, while not being able to actually illegalize it until a ban is accepted at the EU level. Various European countries have in fact been prevented at an EU level from following through officially declared plans to completely phase out use of dental amalgam – Sweden by 1997, Denmark by 1999, Finland by 2000 and Austria by 2000.




4.    In the USA the first ban has already been passed. By 1st Jan 2007 amalgam filling placements will be completely illegal in the State of California.


5.    This law (Bill HR 4163) was signed by Governor Davis in April 2002 not least because the Dental Board of California had been breaking the law for nearly a decade by ignoring a 1992 requirement (under Proposition 65)4  to provide all dentists with a factsheet on filling materials clearly stating the dangers of amalgam fillings, and encouraging them to discuss the issue with patients, which in 2001 (Senate Bill 134) was extended to force all dentists to have every patient sign such a factsheet before any filling placement – and so the Dental Board had to be forcibly shut down (Oct 2001) for believing itself above the law, in a virtually unprecedented historical closure of a state agency, by congresswoman Diane Watson5 – and in the window period between now and 2007 no one under 18, pregnant or lactating is to receive an amalgam placement, plus a clear warning must be placed in all practices that mercury is “highly toxic” and “known by the State of California to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm.”


6.    So what exactly does the State of California know that others do not? Actually nothing – the same shocking scientific information is freely available to all states and countries, it is just that it has not yet been called to the attention of all their respective governing bodies – as usual, some are more up-to-date than others. California has also frequently been termed a “trend-setting” state for the rest of the country (and world), and so this legislation represents the turning of the tide. As stated by Congresswoman Watson on passing the bill, “It is no longer a question of if, but when, mercury dental fillings will be history.” A special national congressional hearing on dental mercury took place in Nov 2002 in the House of Representatives to bring the two sides of the Californian debate into national discussions, in which the evidence piled up against its use clearly outshone the opposition, unable as the latter was to present any valid scientific evidence of the safety of amalgams. For the first time in history scientific proof of this alleged safety is being demanded.




7.    Resistance to the dissemination of this information comes primarily from the American Dental Association (ADA) and equivalent organisations in other countries (e.g. the BDA in the UK)22 – and hence the majority of practising dentists. They collectively carry a potentially enormous liability, along with the amalgam manufacturers. Their defensive claims22 are not based on studies showing safety (which are lacking) so much as fear of being sued, mental habit and no small measure of intellectual laziness. Simple lack of ethics also plays a part, as revealed in statements such as this one, by an ADA lawyer: “The ADA owes no legal duty of care to protect the public from allegedly dangerous products used by dentists. . . Dissemination of information relating to the practice of dentistry does not create a duty of care to protect the public from potential injury.” To contrast this, some US- and German-based amalgam manufacturers (e.g. Dentsply, Vivadent) now issue clear health warnings with their products, while others have even stopped amalgam production completely (e.g. Degussa, formerly one of the world’s biggest, with 50% of its turnover deriving from amalgam). This has been partly from fear of potential lawsuits: the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) sent out an official letter of warning to 31 American amalgam manufacturers in 1992, so that in any future legal action they could not plead innocence.6


8.    Incredibly, the ADA receives money (i.e. what might be seen as bribes) from amalgam manufacturers in the so-called ‘Seal of Acceptance program’ in return for endorsing mercury fillings23 – an arrangement which would be totally against the code of ethics of the American Medical Association, not to mention any other remotely trustable medical group. This is part of a long sad history of dental associations putting money over ethics – mercury was originally forbidden in 1845 by the American Society of Dental Surgeons for ethical reasons, and dentists were fined or suspended if caught using mercury fillings, and termed “quacks”. By 1856 this society became marginalized by dentists wishing to save money, because mercury was cheaper. It disbanded, and the ADA formed in 1859 in opposition. This new association not only withdrew the ban on mercury – a change neither necessary nor warranted – but proceeded to defend their territory by clamping down on dentists who still criticised placing mercury, a known deadly poison, in the mouth. Hence for nearly 150 years the ADA has not only prohibited rejecting mercury for toxic reasons in favour of alternatives, but also even discussing possible dangers with patients so they can make an informed decision – let alone replacing amalgams with less toxic fillings, an act which has caused dentists in diverse states to lose their licence to practise. Ironically, the term “quack”, now sometimes used to ridicule mercury-free dentists, was originally coined for nineteenth century doctors who used “quack-salver” (mercury) as a medical treatment – hence by the same logic, most modern dentists could themselves be termed “quacks” for using mercury fillings. They also make far more profit placing amalgams than it is normally possible to make as a mercury-free dentist.


9.    Your personal dentist may not mean harm, and may in fact be perfectly nice, intelligent, etc. Nevertheless he/she performs highly unethical and dangerous amalgam filling placements on the ill-informed recommendation22 of his/her umbrella organisation (the ADA, BDA or similar national association) and a dental training which quite simply does not include toxicology on its syllabus.




10.    The only substance in existence generally acknowledged to be more toxic than mercury is plutonium (rated 1900 compared to 1600 on one scale of toxicity7). Just as nobody is immune to the effects of radioactive poisoning, likewise every mercury-exposed person is to some extent burdened and sickened over time as a result, not just a few “rare allergic cases,” as mistakenly claimed by those with a shallow appreciation of the physiological effects¹. There is individual variability of ability to cope with exposure, but all humans show an exceedingly slow excretion rate (a half-life of 30 years from brain tissue!), hence even small amounts can cause a serious long-term burden on normal functioning. Many are lucky enough not to fall ill for many years, but detrimental burden often exists without current obvious sickness. The effects may be masked during this ‘time bomb’ incubation phase for as long as decades.


11.    Mercury has been causally linked to MANY illnesses, including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ M.E., diabetes, Lupus, autism, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, depression, hypertension, Multiple Sclerosis and cancer¹. Almost all plants become stunted in a poisoned soil – similarly, mercury ‘stunts’ normal health; just how depends on individual constitutional ‘kinks’, but in general it has a toxic affinity to the nervous & endocrine systems, causing physical, mental & emotional aberrations deriving from crippled neurological, hormonal and immune function¹ (hence all the above conditions and many others). Allergies were never reported before the Industrial Revolution, during which mass coal-burning became a source of widespread mercury poisoning8. Candida proliferates in the presence of mercury, having a pseudo-protective sponge effect. Mercury also lodges in vital organs like the liver, heart, kidneys and brain, and has many deleterious cellular effects, including poor cell nourishment and enzyme function, free radical damage and low energy from poor oxygen transport and porphyrin-haemoglobin production¹. It has a heightened synergistic effect if in the presence of other heavy metals, as is usually the case. It is widely documented¹ as neurotoxic, thyrotoxic, adrenotoxic, immunotoxic, cytotoxic, hepatotoxic, cardiotoxic, nephrotoxic, myelotoxic, lymphotoxic, encephalitic, teratogenic, mutagenic and possibly carcinogenic (after all that, I wonder why…)




12.    Mercury toxicity has a high statistical correlation with suicide rates – and dentists happen to have the highest rate of suicide of any profession. In addition, dentists in several large-scale studies performed multiple cognitive and behavioural tests and, compared to a normal population, lagged behind in many areas. This included 14% worse scores in memory, co-ordination, motor speed and concentration9, and an increased rate of cancer, depression, irritability, chronic fatigue, headaches, tremors, arthritis, infertility and miscarriages10. Two of the most famous and informative books on the topic ever written were both penned by dentists, and have very revealing titles: “The Toxic Time Bomb” and “Uninformed Consent.” 11




13.    Laws forbid and restrict the use of mercury in practically every other area except dentistry, and even in dental practices the dentists must handle it with highly stringent ADA-enforced precautions – except for when it’s in your mouth, that is! This inconsistent and irrational state of affairs is partly what prompted the Californian ban: Proposition 654, a project initiated in California in 1986 to catalogue the effects of all known toxins and impose restrictions accordingly, concluded mercury was toxic in every other known use.


14.    The claim that the amalgam combination (about 52% mercury mixed with copper, tin, silver and zinc) is a “safe inert” one which does not leak is a myth which the dental associations used to put forward to explain their use of mercury in people’s mouths. This claim has since been dropped (even by the ADA in 1997) because it has no scientific backing, and in fact has been continually refuted by both studies and clinical experience – quite simply, you can measure the mercury vapour constantly off-gassing from fillings in a matter of seconds with relatively simple instruments! This vapour, as well as leakage into the saliva, and via the tooth pulp and root directly into the bloodstream, is readily and constantly absorbed by the body’s tissues and spread around the entire body in amounts repeatedly shown in studies to be very toxic, “a retention toxicity that builds up over years of exposure” (California Bill HR 4163). Vapour emission is also greatly increased by eating, chewing gum, tooth-brushing, hot drinks and even proximity to a computer.


15.    Similarly, you can measure, with easily obtainable galvanometers, the electrical charge emitted by amalgam fillings in the mouth, with saliva acting as an electrolyte thus creating an electrical current in your mouth measurably on the order of 10,000 times stronger than the brain’s normal electrical activity. This affects brain function and also makes the amalgam mixture unstable, giving rise to constant toxic leaking. Positively charged gold caps near to negatively charged amalgams amplify this with a battery effect.



16.    A mercury-based preservative called thimerosal12 is used in many vaccinations (e.g. flu, DPT and many others), and has been repeatedly linked to many health problems following jabs, the most well-documented now being onset of autism in children13, as well as cot death in babies14, and the scandalous so-called ‘Gulf War Syndrome’ epidemic which governments have tried to downplay.

These types of serious health effects also appear often to be linked to post-traumatic stress following inoculation, particularly from the severe immune assault of receiving multiple immunizations within a short period, as indicated by the Cotwatch monitoring project14, the massive decrease in cot deaths in Japan upon moving the vaccination age up to 2 years old15, and by various veteran studies16.




17.    Mercury in fish and other food is NOT usually such a problem as amalgam fillings (given that consumption of large fish like tuna and swordfish is not excessive)²  – unless a person already has amalgams placed, which are thought to hinder the body’s normal defence mechanisms against mercury from other sources such as fish by partly “turning off” the immune response due to unremitting 24-hour exposure. These days, this means most of the population, but at root it is an amalgam problem more than a fish problem. Moreover, a primary source of environmental mercury which lodges in fish derives from the sewage and cremation of people with amalgams in their mouths – mercury is an element and so does not break down once mined for use in dentistry or industry and eventually released into the environment. Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany and Belgium have all criticised dental amalgam use for environmental reasons, and when Californian Governor Davis signed the legislation against it he stated, "Mercury is a persistent and toxic pollutant that bioaccumulates in the environment and in the food chain."


18.    The media frequently bring up the “mercury in fish” issue as a politically convenient red herring to explain our current epidemic of mercury poisoning. Amalgam fillings are undoubtedly a far more widely spread and hazardous source for most people, despite the claims of ill-informed journalists who have not scrutinised the scientific literature, and furthermore confuse cause (amalgam and other industries) with effect (fish contamination) at an ecological level.




19.    Composite fillings (“white fillings”) are not completely non-toxic, but are a much safer alternative, and no longer expensive to have placed. They are also sturdy, and even “stick” to the tooth better than amalgam (amalgam tends to both shrink and corrode, holding decay trapped under it). Their life-span in the mouth depends on various factors such as how well they are placed, how up-to-date your dentist is with the newest composites available, and whether you were tested prior to placement for their biocompatibility, i.e. for allergic issues, as there are many types of composite. In the USA, however, you must generally demand to have them, especially as in some states dentists cannot by regulation even discuss with patients the possibility of mercury fillings being toxic – even if asked directly – or they will lose their license (the so-called “gag rule”). This is, of course, unconstitutional, with regard to the First Amendment and freedom of speech, and is most certainly an infringement on civil liberties in many people’s view. (In some states such as Florida, Oregon and Arizona this gag rule has therefore been withdrawn under pressure, although at a national level the ADA continues to encourage all State Dental Boards to adopt and enforce it). In Europe there may still be no constitution ;-) but there is fortunately more freedom of speech and choice irregardless, for many dentists tend to offer patients more of a choice in this matter.


20.    Note that other types of dental restoration, such as root canals (which leave sealed chambers in the bone, ‘cavitations’, where the unextracted periodontal ligament under the former tooth festers, causing highly toxic anaerobic bacteria to leak directly and constantly into the bloodstream17), “gold” crowns (which may be merely 5% gold) and porcelain (which usually contains aluminium), are also often toxic – a good mercury-free (‘biological’) dentist will provide individual advice and assessments. However, although mercury-free dentists ordinarily perform amalgam removals (with varying degrees of precaution), only a few of the best (so far) also have the knowledge and experience to extract root canals and to identify and clean cavitations in the bone using the latest X-ray technology such as digital RVG17. This can be important as many debilitated individuals have not recovered until they also addressed this issue.




21.    Yes, having a regular dentist remove your amalgam fillings CAN actually make you a whole lot worse, due to the massive exposure to mercury vapour during drilling – body burden of mercury (in blood plasma) rises by 300-400% on average.18 Studies have demonstrated, however, that after filling removal by a BIOLOGICAL dentist who uses the established IAOMT safety protocols for amalgam removal (most dentists do not!), body burden of mercury does NOT go up significantly, and so health is at less of a risk.18  These protocols include such essentials as: (1) specific sequential removal according to electrical readings using a galvanometer, and usually no more than one quadrant, or two fillings, at a time; (2) high speed suction; (3) copious rinsing; (4) a rubber dam or, even better, a new system of gauzes and clean-up aspirator tips which fit neatly over a single tooth, thus avoiding the problem of mercury penetrating the latex of normal rubber dams; (5) an oxygen mask or other alternative air supply via a nose piece, plus goggles, bibs and a hair-cap; (6) biocompatibility testing (via bio-resonance, kinesiology, a serum test or skin test); (7) supplementation of charcoal, selenium, oral or I.V. vitamin C, etc.; (8) nutritional and lifestyle preparatory advice; (9) awareness of root canal problems; and (10) working only in an uncarpeted mercury-free zone with regular ventilation and special mercury air filters, preferably near the patient.19  




22.    It is, however, NOT enough to just have amalgams removed with an IAOMT or similar protocol, as high metal levels from years of accumulation normally remain lodged in your brain, endocrine glands, bone marrow and internal organs – you must also choose a method of detoxification to resolve this. My partner Clover and I are currently doing this. Effective state-of-the-art options include: an advanced combination of homeopathy and bio-resonance called Field Control Therapy (www.yurkovsky.com ); Chinese Medicine; other useful but less holistic and comprehensive methods such as a formula called NDF (www.healthydetox.org ); Dr Cutler’s form of chelation therapy using small regular doses of DMPS, DMSA and lipoic acid (www.noamalgam.com ); and intravenous vitamin C.



23.    All mothers-to-be should seriously consider going through these removal and detoxification protocols at least one year BEFORE having a child – and under no circumstances have any dental work or detoxification therapy during pregnancy.  All toxins in the mother’s blood, including mercury, readily cross the placenta into the foetus during those nine months in situ (as well as through breast milk), and are in fact amplified (with levels 30% higher than in the mother), potentially causing birth defects, autism, seizure disorder, developmental problems and much else, in babies/children, during their formative years. This is why the first rounds of legislation or official statements of recommendation in places such as the UK, California, Germany, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Canada and New Hampshire have been against the use of amalgam fillings in pregnant women (and/or lactating women, children, the elderly and those with impaired kidney function). In addition, the sperm from a prospective father with a mercury burden can cause early cellular damage to the genes of the newly-conceived zygote, leading to birth and developmental defects like those stemming from the mother’s mercury. Mercury toxicity from either parent also increases the rate of infertility and miscarriages for the same reason.¹




24.    With regard to testing, there is in fact no safe level of mercury. If you request a mercury test from a regular doctor, you will most likely be given a blood or urine test, both of which are only useful for testing recent exposure and acute poisoning. Mercury has a very short half-life in the blood, hence these tests normally give false negatives. Stool and saliva tests are similarly limited. Porphyrin and immunological tests provide clues by showing related health effects. However, to get a direct indication of chronic systemic levels due to long-term exposure from any source, it is best to take a “chelation agent” to bind to the heavy metals in your system (DMPS, DMSA/Kelmer or NDF) prior to a urine test. Various laboratories perform this test (such as Great Smokies Lab, Great Plains Lab or Doctor’s Data in the USA, and Biolab in London), but most doctors will not know about it unless told, despite the fact this is the international gold standard for heavy metal testing in clinical studies, measuring release through the body’s primary detoxification route, the kidneys. Note that ‘retention toxicity’ and a dulled immune response in severe cases can sometimes inhibit mercury excretion, even with chelation, and give a false low result, as the test actually measures excretion rate rather than total body burden (which no conventional test can reflect with absolute certainty - barring an autopsy!) High results clearly imply high toxicity, but also a healthy excretion rate. In particular, if metals are lodged mainly in distant areas such as the brain, this is far less likely to show even on the chelation test. It is, however, still the most accurate lab test available, and also allows for testing of many other heavy metals.


25.    There are very useful and more precise alternative methods for assessing levels based on bio-resonance testing (in the tradition of EAV and Vega), especially if highly refined as in Field Control Therapy (see www.yurkovsky.com ). Note too that many alternative therapists offer a hair analysis, but this is inadequate for mercury, which has a very poor excretion rate into the skin and hair – especially inorganic mercury, such as from fillings, which therefore shows very poorly on a hair test.  Hair levels can sometimes correlate with organic mercury ingested in contaminated fish, but little else. This has been confirmed by high test results in fishing areas, but low results in people with many amalgam fillings exhibiting high levels in a post-chelation urine test. Hair also only reflects exposure dating back about 3 months. Finally, some doctors feel that the symptom picture is a better aid to diagnosis than any test.




26.    Having read this far, you can never again say you were not warned! Many countries operate a discriminatory policy (recently changed in some areas such as Rhode Island, USA) of only providing poor people with amalgam fillings, with no choice of composite, even though the prices of composite materials are these days not much higher than amalgam. Nevertheless, unless you are currently living below the poverty line, the expense of money and time required to tackle these issues is relatively insignificant compared to the tremendous potential “time bomb” it represents in terms of future health dangers (if you’re not already ill, that is) to you, your children, your patients or friends - and compared to the many thousands of tax or insurance dollars/pounds/euros spent on most individuals just barely pretending to cope with No.1 killers like cancer and heart disease. The triggering factors of these illnesses, and many others, are slowly beginning to be understood, but still not the more deeply-rooted causes, since they are undoubtedly rooted in the biggest toxic epidemic of our era: “Amalgam Illness” - a long-term baseline toxic burden polluting the physiological soil. It is not easy to climb a mountain with several pockets full of rocks. 21 Not only has the use of amalgam risen in direct correlation with the incidence of degenerative illnesses, but many amalgam fillings placed since 1976 are of a new type20 which gives off far more mercury vapour, while the number of compulsory baby vaccinations containing thimerosal 12 has likewise risen in direct line with the occurrence of conditions like autism13 so much so that this is the hot issue now at the forefront of the largest of the litigation suits.3


27.    As my partner Clover wrote recently in a letter, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” 21 This applies both physically and financially, without exception. Read Clover’s own article about her health struggle at www.wicfs-me.org/mercury.htm.




   If you agree that the placing of amalgam fillings should be banned globally, please also take a moment to sign this online petition: www.petitiononline.com/mercury . Note: I am not personally affiliated with this petition or any of the sources quoted in this factsheet –  I practise/study Chinese Medicine, homeopathy and naturopathy in Galway, Ireland, and wish to help raise awareness of these issues. If you  or anyone you know would like to pass on, circulate or publish this factsheet verbatim, then please do, preferably contacting me too. I have done my best to triple-check every detail, but if I have missed or misrepresented anything, or stated anything unclearly, please write to me! Also to share your experiences or for any further info, e.g. about possible dentists, detoxification options and tests. Some of the website links mentioned are among the most authoritative available – for further research I would particularly recommend:     

(1) www.amalgam.org , (2) dental issues – www.iaomt.org , www.hugnet.com ; (3) scientific issues – www.testfoundation.org , www.home.earthlink.net/~berniew1 ; (4) legal/political issues – www.toxicteeth.net , www.bioprobe.com ; (5) detoxification issues – www.yurkovsky.com , www.healthydetox.org . Don’t forget: if you suspect a mercury problem and decide to do something about it, it  is essential that you do it in the correct way, or you might make things worse. Thanks for reading this, and good health to you!




   ¹ Countless scientific studies are carefully compiled by category at www.testfoundation.org (The Test Foundation) and  www.home.earthlink.net/~berniew1 (Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome Inc.) There are far too many to even begin to cite here!


   ² Report prepared by Dr Lars Friberg, Karolinska Institute, Sweden and published under the joint sponsorship of the United Nations Environment Programme, the International Labour Organisation and the World Health Organization, Geneva, 1991.


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   15 “In 1975, when Japan stopped vaccinating children under the age of 2 years dramatic improvements in their infant mortality occurred. Japan’s place in the world scale of infant mortality went from 17, a poor position, to number 1, the best performance... Between 1970 and 1974, 37 infant deaths occurred after DPT vaccination in Japan and because of this the doctors in one prefecture boycotted the vaccination. Consequently, the Japanese Government stopped DPT vaccination for 2 months in 1975, and, when vaccination was resumed, the vaccination age was lifted to 2 years. With this change in government policy the entity of sudden death almost disappeared from vaccine injury compensation claims (only 2 deaths were subject of vaccine injury compensation claims in the 2-year olds compared with 37 in younger children). In the late ‘80s, Japanese parents were given the choice to start vaccinating at earlier ages again and most, ignorant of what had gone on before, chose starting at 3 months of age. The rate of SIDS in Japan has since returned to high levels.” (Quoted from p53, ‘Cry of the Heart’ by Marc Sircus Ac., OMD. See http://worldpsychology.net ).


   16 Two examples: (a) “Health of UK Servicemen who Served in Persian Gulf War” (Unwin C, Blatchley N, Coker W et al, Lancet 1999;353:169-178); (b) “Vaccine overload was identified as a significant factor in GWS. Steele carried out a population survey of 1,548 GW1Vs from Kansas and 482 veterans who served elsewhere in 1998. GWS, defined as having chronic symptoms in three out of six domains occurred in 34% GW1Vs, 12% non-GW1Vs who reported receiving vaccines during the war but were not deployed, and 4% of non-GW1Vs who did not. There was thus a three-fold increase in GWS due to vaccinations alone.” (Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Prof. Malcolm Hooper, reprinted at www.i-sis.org.uk/VGWS.php ).


   17 Dr Weston Price, Dr Bouquet and Professor Boyd Haley are among the most famous researchers into the hazards caused by root canal therapy, which include chronic festering infection or necrosis of the jaw bone in at least 50% of cases. See “Root Canal Cover-up” by G.E. Meinig (www.drshankland.com/rootcanal.html ). Also refer to www.hugnet.com for a famous biological dentist’s response, and to www.holistic-dentistry.co.uk for a description of the digital x-ray technology as used by this Welsh clinic specialising in cavitation detection and removal.


   18 See ‘The Dental Amalgam Issue’ (DAMS Inc. & Consumers for Dental Choice, A Project of the National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy, Jan 2004) – Part V www.amalgam.org .


   19 More info on these protocols can be found in the free online booklet at www.amalgam.org . Also see www.hugnet.com & www.bioprobe.com . To locate a biological dentist, search the directory at www.iaomt.org or www.talkinternational.com or contact the nearest national IAOMT branch or other similar association for reliable local lists (many are listed at http://medlem.spray.se/heavymetalbulletin1/engelska/kontakt.htm ).


   20 The so-called “non-gamma 2” high copper fillings which give off far more mercury vapour (Ferracane et al, 1995; C. Toomvali, "Studies of mercury vapor emission from different dental amalgam alloys", LIU-IFM-Kemi-EX 150,1988; A.Berglund,"A study of the release of mercury vapor from different types of amalgam alloys", J Dent Res, 1993, 72: 939-946; & D.B.Boyer).


   21 As Louis Pasteur, the father of the “germ” theory of disease, famously conceded on his deathbed – and as his contemporary Antoine Bechamp had long argued – “Le microbe n'est rien, le terrain est tout” (The microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything).

   22 Official statements issued by many dental associations maintain a position of denial, to contrast the views set forward in this factsheet:

British Dental Association (www.bda-dentistry.org.uk): “To date, extensive research has failed to establish any links between amalgam use and general ill health.”  Irish Dental Association (www.dentist.ie): “All available world-wide research indicates that amalgam is not harmful to health. . . No Government or reputable scientific, medical or dental body anywhere in the world accepts, on any published evidence, that dental amalgam is a hazard to health.” American Dental Association (www.ada.org): “Dental amalgam (silver filling) is considered a safe, affordable and durable material that has been used to restore the teeth of more than 100 million Americans.”


   23 Regarding the ADA’s “seal of acceptance” program, there is also disagreement. An ADA spokesperson admitted that “a total of about $5100 per year is generated from amalgam manufacturers” (www.dentalproducts.net/webextra/protest.html), but claimed that this is only to cover (40% of the) costs of the program, and not for profit. Others raise their eyebrows at these “costs”, yet even this acknowledgment is breezed over rather lightly by official statements of the ADA: “Be assured that the ADA does not profit from amalgam, nor does it promote the material. The cost of maintaining the ADA Seal program is financed primarily through ADA member dentist dues.” (‘Primarily’ refers, of course, to the other 60%, ignoring this 40%).




TALK Health - Analysis of 1569 Patients





The following represents a partial statistical symptom summary of 1569 patients who participated in six different studies evaluating the health effects of replacing dental fillings-containing mercury with non-mercury dental fillings. The data was derived from the following studies: 762 Patient Adverse Reaction Reports submitted to the FDA by the individual patients; 519 patients in Sweden reported on by Mats Hanson, Ph.D.; 100 patients in Denmark, extractions performed by Henrik Lichtenberg, D.D.S.; 80 patients in Canada, extractions performed by Pierre Larose, D.D.S.; 86 patients in Colorado reported on by Robert L. Siblerud, O.D., M.S., and 22 patients reported on by Alfred V. Zamm, M.D.


% of Total

Symptoms Reported

Reported Number

Number Improved or Cured

% Improved or Cured












Bad Temper










Blood Pressure Problems





Chest Pains




















Gastrointestinal Problems





Gum Problems (OLP)




















Irregular Heartbeat










Lack of Concentration





Lack of Energy





Memory Loss





Metallic Taste





Multiple Sclerosis





Muscle Tremor










Numbness Anywhere





Skin Problems





Sore Throat










Thyroid Problems





Ulcers & Sores in Mouth





Urinary Tract Problems





Vision Problems






                      Source: http://www.talkinternational.com/health/1569.htm



Potential Everyday Sources of Mercury

Some of the Many Conditions Causally Linked to Mercury Poisoning in Numerous Studies


Mercury amalgam dental fillings

Many species of fish (esp. larger ones)

Thimerosal (used as a sterilizer/preservative in

   numerous standard vaccinations – see below)

Mother's fillings/toxicity taken in (and amplified)

   through placenta and mother's milk

Burning of fossil fuels (e.g. coal)

Use of spermicides/lubricated condoms


Broken or swallowed mercury thermometers or fluorescent lights

Paint (fumes, chippings), wood preservatives & tile cement

Use of mercurial disinfectants

Tapwater, air pollution & toxic rains

Everyday foods (including seafood, and grains treated with methyl mercury fungicides)

Mercurochrome (antiseptic liquid)


Contact lens solution

Mascara, hair dyes & skin-lightening creams


Mercury dry batteries in cameras, torches & ear-level

   hearing aids

Fungicides, pesticides, insecticides & herbicides

Chemical waste & burning of refuse


A large number of medications, including: ophthalmic solutions/ointments/suspensions, diuretics, nasal drops/sprays/mists/decongestants/spray pumps, haemorrhoidal ointments/suppositories, mumps skin test antigen, adrenal cortex injections, allergen patch tests, testosterone injection suspension, antibiotic ear suspensions, fungizone lotion/cream, tissue fixatives, throat lozenges, hair tonics


Many vaccines, including: Influenza, Pneumococcal,  Meningococcal, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Hepatitis B, Rabies, Coccidioidin, Immune Globulin,

Haemophilus b Conjugate, Japanese Encephalitis


Many industrial/professional applications, including:

·          gold extraction (thousands in Brazil remain toxic)

·          steel, phosphate & gold production

·          metal smelting

·          use of sulphur compounds

·          exposure in laboratories

·          manufacture & repair of barometers, ultraviolet lamps, direct-current electric meters, radio valves, strip lamps & mercury thermometers

·          use in photo-engraving, textile printing, dye manufacture, bronzing of field-glasses, anti-fouling paint in ships, tool-hardening processes, wood pulping, chloralkali industry, electrodes and reagents

·          exposure to vapour at dental clinics


Natural sources (volcanic activity, gas & vapour emissions, evaporation from water)


Formerly in teething powders (infamous cause of Pink Disease, killing many babies in the 50s and leaving others ill for the rest of their lives)




Alzheimer's Disease




Attention Deficit Disorder


Autoimmune Responses

Birth Defects




Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ M.E.

Chron's Disease



Digestive problems



Excessive Drooling




Impaired Kidney Function

Increased Bacterial Resistance to Antibiotics        


Leaky Gut Syndrome

Liver Dysfunction

Loss of hearing

Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS)


Macular Degeneration


Multiple Sclerosis

Multitudinous Mental Disorders


Parkinson's Disease

Pink Disease (Acrodynia)

Poor Lymphatic Drainage (e.g. Tonsillitis, Oedema)


Recurrent Suicidal Thoughts



Seizure Disorder (Epilepsy)

Sinus problems


Urinary problems  


















































                              Compiled by Simon Rees

A Copy of the Bill To Ban Mercury Amalgam Fillings in California



(reprinted at: http://www.bioprobe.com/ReadNews.asp?article=47 )


YOUR HELP IS NEEDED! On April 10, 2002 Representative Diane Watson of California (for herself and Representative Dan Burton) introduced H.R. 4163, A Bill that will ban Mercury Dental Amalgam (A copy of the Bill follows). It is extremely important that you contact your elected representatives and request that they Co-Sponsor H.R. 4163.



2nd Session

H. R. 4163


To prohibit after 2006 the introduction into interstate commerce of mercury intended for use in a dental filling, and for other purposes.


APRIL 10, 2002


Ms. WATSON of California (for herself and Mr. BURTON of Indiana) introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Energy and Commerce



To prohibit after 2006 the introduction into interstate commerce of mercury intended for use in a dental filling, and for other purposes.


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,




This Act may be cited as the `Mercury in Dental Filling Disclosure and Prohibition Act'.




The Congress finds as follows:


(1) Mercury is a highly toxic element.

(2) A dental amalgam, commonly referred to as a ‘silver filling’, consists of 43 to 54 percent mercury.

(3) Consumers may be deceived by the use of the term `silver' to describe a dental amalgam, which contains substantially more mercury than silver.

(4) Dental amalgam may contain about 1/2 to 3/4 of a gram of mercury, depending on the size of the filling.

(5) The mercury in a dental amalgam continually emits mercury vapors.

(6) Mercury toxicity is a retention toxicity that builds up over years of exposure.

(7) According to certain scientific studies, Health Canada, and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry of the Public Health Service of the Department of Health and Human Services, children and pregnant women are at particular risk for exposure to mercury contained in dental amalgam.

(8) According to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, the mercury from amalgam goes through the placenta of pregnant women and through the breast milk of lactating women, giving rise to health risks to an unborn child or a baby.

(9) The Environmental Protection Agency considers removed amalgam filling and extracted teeth containing amalgam material to be hazardous waste.

(10) The use of mercury in any product being put into the body is opposed by many health groups, such as the American Public Health Association, the California Medical Association, and Health Care Without Harm.

(11) Consumers and parents have a right to know, in advance, the risks of placing a product containing a substantial amount of mercury in their mouths or the mouths of their children.

(12) Alternatives to mercury-based dental fillings exist, but many publicly and privately financed health plans do not allow consumers to choose alternatives to mercury amalgam.




(a) PROHIBITION- Section 501 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (21 U.S.C. 351) is amended by adding at the end the following:

‘(j) Effective January 1, 2007, if it contains mercury intended for use in a dental filling.’.


(b) TRANSITIONAL PROVISION- For purposes of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (21 U.S.C. 301 et seq.), effective July 1, 2002, and subject to subsection (a), a device that contains mercury intended for use in a dental filling shall be considered to be misbranded, unless it bears a label that provides as follows: ‘Dental amalgam contains approximately 50 percent mercury, a highly toxic element. Such product should not be administered to children less than 18 years of age, pregnant women, or lactating women. Such product should not be administered to any consumer without a warning that the product contains mercury, which is a highly toxic element, and therefore poses health risks.’.




Heavy Metal Testing in Ireland


Compiled by Simon Rees


Testing is highly recommended before and after any filling removal or detoxification. This is for both your personal and legal record (since there are likely to be many litigation suits in the future). Don’t waste your time with tests which are not helpful or authoritative, e.g. blood, non-chelation urine, or hair (which doesn’t show inorganic mercury well, and only dates back about three months anyway). Stool and saliva tests may be more useful. Some doctors use the stool test as a first choice, which can be ordered from Germany. Porphyrin and immunological tests provide clues by showing related health effects. However, most tests are not done following the administration of some form of chelation* agent, and therefore fail to detect levels built up in bodily systems over the long term. Probably the best option is to get a post-chelation urine test, the international gold standard for assessing chronic heavy metal toxicity:


1)  There are currently two experienced doctors that I am aware of in Ireland who perform the full version of this test as part of their daily practice and speciality. They are Dr Stewart in Dublin and Dr Magee in Co. Armagh – see below for details (under “detoxification”). Request a DMPS or DMSA heavy metal post-chelation urine test. If arranged through American labs, up to 36 elements in total can be tested. This is not the cheapest option, but is the most comprehensive, satisfying and easy to interpret, plus these doctors specialise in detoxification if chelation* therapy is also desired (see below). Dr Sean Dunphy in Co. Cork will also perform this test on special request.

2)  If you prefer to work through your GP, you will need to insist on this particular test, refusing to accept any other. Most GPs have not heard of it, as it is not a standard test they use or will have studied (unless they are toxicology experts). The easiest option for obtaining the test in this case is a cheaper but less comprehensive version of it – the Kelmer test (DMSA) – available from Biolab in London. It costs £40 Sterling to test only for mercury, plus £22 per extra metal (choosing from lead, cadmium, aluminium and arsenic). You can ring directly to request they post the test kit and instructions to your home. The results are sent to the doctor you name on the form (or it can be an osteopath or chiropractor). Note that no explanations or bar charts are enclosed with the results, which makes them less straightforward to interpret than those from the above-mentioned American labs.


Biolab Medical Unit, The Stone House, 9 Weymouth House, London W1W 6DB, UK

Tel. 00 44 20 76365959    www.biolab.co.uk


Although the post-chelation urine test is probably the most useful lab test available, there is no chelating agent which can reliably access deeper areas such as the brain, bone marrow or the inside of cells, though metals like mercury and cadmium have an affinity for brain tissue, and enter cells, disrupting the DNA.

Fortunately, however, bio-resonance testing (in the tradition of EAV/Vega) can provide a full-body test useful as a non-conventional alternative, especially if highly refined as in Field Control Therapy (see below), which also uniquely furnishes results in their exact order of clinical priority.



Mercury Free Dentists in Ireland



Harry Torney


43 Albert Rd




Co. Dublin


(01) 280 6717      



 Bill McCollam


6 High St




(056) 776 2329


Michael Cronin

[but see note 2]




Co. Cork    


(021) 463 1836


Philip McCarter

[but see note 2]


1 Beresford Row


The Mall




(04837) 525266



Despite the possible distance and expense involved, it is essential to make use of the services of mercury free dentists, rather than putting your trust in your local dentist. Healthwise, it is more expensive in the long run not to, as most dentists do not use the most basic safety procedures as recognised by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology and the British Society for Mercury Free Dentistry (see www.iaomt.org and www.amalgam.org for more details).

Note 1: These dentists can remove and replace amalgam fillings relatively safely. Removals by regular dentists can be very hazardous to health.

Note 2: Michael Cronin and Philip McCarter use the basic safety protocols, but the environs are not mercury-free as they share their practices with other dentists. This also means Michael Cronin’s is the only practice which qualifies for Medical Cards, as the Health Board stipulates that listed dental practices must offer amalgam. In any case, a Medical Card only normally covers removal of fillings for the front teeth.

Note 3: Harry Torney is the only one of the above who currently tests in every case (via muscle testing) for the biocompatibility of new filling materials before placing them – arguably an important step, as allergic responses are reportedly very common. Otherwise you can locate a kinesiologist separately.

Note 4: If you have ever had root canal therapy (also frequently toxic and problematic to the health) you might want to consider travelling to the UK to be assessed (contact me for the UK list). Many patients feel they did not recover completely until this issue was addressed as well. See www.drshankland.com/rootcanal.html .

Note 5: To locate mercury free dentists outside Ireland and the UK, see www.iaomt.org, www.talkinternational.com and http://medlem.spray.se/heavymetalbulletin1/engelska/kontakt.htm . These sites include U.S. dentists plus international IAOMT and similar associations that can be contacted for reliable local lists.



Detoxification Options in Ireland


After deciding to have toxic amalgam fillings removed and replaced, you need to choose a detoxification option to get the heavy metals out of your tissues. It is vital for your health that you do not skip this - many don’t realize the importance of detoxifying before and following amalgam removal. Without special detoxification therapy, the half-life of mercury in the brain, for example, is 30 years! 

A very focused, non-toxic and sophisticated method is Field Control Therapy, which is currently being made available in Ireland through the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners (www.naturopathy-anp.com). Contact me for more information if interested either in undergoing training or in contacting a Field Control Therapist in Ireland. Probably the other best options available in Ireland are NDF and DMPS / DMSA / alpha lipoic acid.

1)  Field Control Therapy (FCT) ® is effective for removing toxins of any kind from any area of the body. It detects precisely and resolves many disease factors and blocks to treatment using advanced forms of homeopathy guided by a unique system of bio-resonance testing developed by Savely Yurkovsky, MD. It is possibly the only viable option for hyper-sensitive patients, and has also been particularly useful in ‘difficult’ cases (www.yurkovsky.com).

2)  NDF, like the chelators under part 3, ‘mops’ up toxins well, but may be more useful as it is natural, alkaline, non-toxic and easily absorbed, and arguably no less powerful. One proviso: unlike FCT, the action of all chemical ‘mops’ may be incapable of doing a ‘complete excavation’ of areas like the brain, bone marrow, and the inside of cells. It is a unique formula of nanonized (cell-wall broken) chlorella, cilantro and probiotics invented by Timothy Ray, MD, and better than using chlorella on its own.

It is available from Higher Nature in the UK (www.highernature.co.uk) via phone consultations with their Nutrition Department (00 44 1435 882964). They only recommend this if you have read widely enough about NDF to feel confident about using it without seeing a practitioner (study www.healthydetox.org). Practitioners in Ireland on Higher Nature’s NDF database are: Michelle De Faoite (065 6845900), a nutritional therapist in Ennis that uses NDF; Colette Kelleher (086 8448167), a kinesiologist in Galway aware of NDF; and myself. Those below, or other naturopathic practitioners, might also be receptive to trying it out if you ask them. When using NDF or the chelators below make sure you are regularly checked using kinesiology to see you are not reacting allergically to any of the ingredients, as this would counter-balance any good effects. Individuals with heavy metal toxicity are particularly prone to such reactions to supplements or foods.


3)  A small number of medical doctors in Ireland specialise in chelation* and IV treatments. These could include DMPS, DMSA, alpha lipoic acid or IV vitamin C, all used for mercury (while EDTA is used mainly for cardiovascular disease, but also for pesticides and some metals, though not mercury):



          Gabriel Stewart, The Chelation Therapy Clinic,


          29 Hawthorn Lodge, Castleknock, Dublin 15


          (01) 821 2540    www.chelation-ireland.com



Finbar Magee


300 Cregagh Rd, Belfast BT6 9EW


(00 44) 28 907 09300


These two are expert at detoxifying mercury (as well as using EDTA and other therapies). Sean Dunphy focuses mainly more on EDTA, but might be useful for anyone in Co. Cork not wishing to travel, if they specially request mercury chelation:


Sean Dunphy, Cork Road Clinic,

Carrigaline, Co. Cork 

(021) 437 1177.


4)  There are other useful possibilities as well, such as classical homeopathy, acupressure and Traditional Chinese Medicine. However, they do not target heavy metals for rapid detoxification so much as support the system for generalised healing. As a result, they can be beneficial, but far slower for this purpose.


 Note 1: From the point of view of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), mercury and other heavy metals are very damaging to Kidney Essence, and are passed on from generation to generation. Each individual metal or toxin also acts as a particular Pathogenic Factor invading one of the Zang Fu. Detoxification by the above methods would greatly facilitate faster recovery of health, and make patients more responsive to TCM.


Note 2: From the point of view of Classical Homeopathy, mercury has become such a widespread toxic ‘epidemic’ that it could now be considered a miasm. Field Control Therapy employs miasmatic homeopathic remedies in a particular way to treat this and other modern miasms, clearing the case so that traditional prescribing can become more effective and meaningful.


Note 3:  If your primary focus is on the mind or emotions, is holistic, or involves bodywork, then removing the “blocks” to healing as detailed here will save you much time.


Note 4: Many herbal and other supplements are unhelpful for heavy metal toxicity due to hyper-allergic intolerances.


*Chelation involves a supplement or IV of a substance which binds to heavy metals in your system and carries them out into the urine.


researched and prepared

by Simon Rees






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